Guess what will be here in just less than 6 months...

While at work yesterday, as I flipped the calendar over for the day, it hit me...Christmas is six months away. It's hard to imagine on this very hot and humid day, but Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye. With everything so expensive, and higher prices for food and fuel on the horizon, I started looking around for some inexpensive but heartfelt gifts I could make. Last year before Christmas I found a cute lunch bag pattern...great for gifts for co-workers. Click here for the post. (Edited to add...the link on the December post has been corrected. Click here to go directly to the pattern directions.) The cute little tie-on pin cushions look easy and would use lots of pieces from the scrap basket. Find the directions here.
Journal covers...everyone always starts a journal for the new year...these covers are cute and look easy to make. Follow this link for the instructions.
This would be a great little project for right now...summery colors, and again...a fairly simple project. The directions are here.
All photos and links from American Patchwork and Quilting


Vee said…
Oh I love these suggestions...all of them. I am still in denial about Christmas being a mere six months away. Please don't tell the Christmas lovers or we'll be getting the countdowns to Christmas already. ;>
Anonymous said…
I always enjoy the goodwill during the holiday season.

The people I work with could use some of it right now. ;-)
Unknown said…
Ugh! Christmas! My daughter keeps telling me she's ready for Christmas! Ugh! Anyhoo~~I LOVE those tie on pin cushions! They are just too precious!

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