Saturday's Adventure

83 Yard Sales in one little small town...and guess where the best shopping place was? The Monastery, of course! The Sisters of St. Benedict Immaculate Conception Monastery had the coolest stuff! We caught the tail end of the sale; I'm sure there were some real gems to be found on the first day of the sale. I hesitated over purchasing an Infant of Prague little planter--his little hand was broken off (but included in the bottom of the planter). A little glue and he would have been okay---and now I wish I would have bought it. What I did buy---a Schirmer's Spiral Music Writing Book, all filled out in spidery writing and musical notes, a bag of scapulars featuring Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, an Immaculate Conception Hearts of Jesus and Mary pendant, and a really cool greyed metal waste paper basket (probably from a local Catholic school). I'm going to use the wastepaper basket as a planter on my front porch, with the street address stencilled onto it. It will be perfect under the mailbox up against the red brick. Other yard sale purchases from around the town~~vintage bird playing cards, a full spool of pink ribbon, and a round mirror with a really nice frame (for the Paris room). Total expenditures from all my purchases: $3.95. (I'll post pictures later).

Daffodil Days in Huntingburg turned out to be a good excuse to walk around in the sunshine. The little town is filled with antique shops and a few independent retailers. Most of the other shops are loaded with whatever "collectible" is in fashion now. There are some really nice handmade jewelry shops--I bought a "T" soldered charm, and a tiny heart in hand charm. I must learn to solder!
About the only thing in bloom Saturday were the daffodils...a few Bradford pear trees, and that glowing purple weed that sits atop farm fields (the ones that weren't under water). It was a beautiful day.
Lunch was at Sweet Violet's, a charming little restaurant tucked amongst storefronts on the main drag in Huntingburg. Lunch was good, but their dinner menu looked pretty spectacular and adventurous---the descriptions were filled with all of those terms you hear on Top Chef.


Janet said...

Sounds like my favorite kind of day and so glad you had sunshine. It does make all the difference, doesn't it?


Heidi said...

I love the Welcome photo with the chairs and daffodils...so inviting, I just want to go sit in your photo! What a fun day!

Catching Up

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