Random Shots from Around the House

I have a day of putzing around the house to look forward to today...the treat for working all last weekend is a three day weekend this week. I love it! The picture below is a find from Michael's.

The cloche sits atop a vintage plate from Silesia (a find from my ex's grandfather). It encloses a copper nest purchased from Heather at Present Past Collection.
The round glass pedestal apothecary jar is also from Michael's. Love those 40% coupons!
I've started stocking my "craft organizer" I picked up from Tuesday Morning this week. I have vowed to be more organized---everything in its place---because I'm tired of wasting time looking for things. If a $19.98 expenditure can help keep the crafting/office things organized and save me time, it's worth it. This table is not the "final resting place" for the organizer; it's just a temporary home for it until I have an armoire in the jungle (a/k/a my bedroom) cleared out. It will be a perfect place for all things crafty.
The door to the jungle now is adorned with a Simply Shabby Chic organizer (yet to be filled). I saw one of these on Dawn's ~The Feathered Nest~ blog and thought it would help in my quest for organization.
And finally, a little memo/inspiration board that sits atop my desk. An easy project using cork, fabric, and ribbon.

Tomorrow I'm going to "Daffodil Days" in Huntingburg, Indiana with a friend. There's a "town-wide"yard sale...I usually don't do the yard sale thing---generally because I can never find the totally cool things other people seem to find, but I'm looking at it differently now--I seem to be interested in all kinds of things that have never inspired or provoked me in the past. It should be a fun day, especially since the sun is supposed to be shining brightly!


Vee said...

All perfectly inspiring! I want to shop at Michael's STAT.

There's a little award waiting for you at my blog with no strings attached!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

What wonderful organizational ideas/items! I always feel so good when I get a system in place. :-) Rosie

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