Rabbit, Rabbit

Yesterday before I left work, a co-worker gave me the "heads up" for ~Rabbit, rabbit~ you know...the old good-fortune bringer...first day of the month, first words out of your mouth. Well, this morning I actually remembered to say it. Will it bring good fortune? Let's hope so.

My first stop of the day...Tuesday Morning--and purchasing a set of craft organizer boxes. I rarely shop there, but these boxes seem to be a good deal. I got a set in red to coordinate with the black and white boxes I already have. I also found some beautiful pink and white toile paper napkins for ornament making come Christmas time. I never did find red and white toile to do the BHG ornaments, but I'm now prepared for this year. I hate to start thinking about Christmas this early, and I just hope I remember where I put the napkins when the time comes to use them. (Craft storage box, perhaps?)


Vee said...

Is this some cruel April Fool's joke that you are already preparing for Christmas? LOL!

I adore those cups...how beautifully springy not to mention yellow rimmed!

Janet said...

And those bunnies; don't you just want to pet those furry little bodies??

I had a co-worker many years ago that did the rabbit, rabbit thing. I have never once thought of it. Oh well, my life is really pretty good as it is :)


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