Under the weather Monday Love List

The "love list" falls into the trying-to -comfort zone this week...hot tea, Tylenol Sinus & Congestion, Tiger Balm, and the sinus "trinity"...sweet basil, sweet marjoram, and peppermint essential oils. Try this one the next time you're stuffy...2 drops marjoram oil, 1 drop peppermint oil, and 1 drop basil oil. Drop into a bowl of steaming water, tent your head, and breathe...it will either kill you or cure you.


Janet said...

Hope you are de-congested soon. Do you have more bad weather on the way?? We are hoping for just rain this time around.


Vee said...

Not you, too?! I found that good old-fashioned Vicks worked wonderfully well. Stinky, but good.

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