Still Dreaming...

With winter storm warnings and advisories as the lead story on the news yesterday and today, I've retreated to books...finding spring, beauty, and imaginary warmth coming from their pages. Who wouldn't like to be on the porch reading, sipping lemonade, and dreaming... ...or relaxing with friends in the cottage kitchen? The warm sun pouring through the open window and a breeze carrying the scent of herbs and flowers...wouldn't it be delightful? These photos are from Country Living's Small Spaces and Cozy Corners.


Rosie's Whimsy said…
Love those pictures....right down my alley in stlye :-) Rosie
Love, Love, Love your title block. I recently bought an old Christmas glitter house intending to make my own. But yours are for Easter! Too cute.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be back often.
Hugs, Laura
Janet said…
Just a perfect day to read and bake as the wind howls and it pours outside!!

Thirkellgirl said…
Love the front porch photo - soon it will be warm enough (and the wind will stop howling) to sit on my porch and read!
Vee said…
Yes, some of us must have more vivid imaginations than others. It's lovely to dream!
Can't wait to be able to dine al fresco in my courtyard....soon