Pictureless Post

For some reason or other, Blogger isn't cooperating with me this weekend. It doesn't want to accept my pictures--not that they were anything too exciting...just old blue Ball jars sporting new labels, courtesy of a scan of labels from The French Inspired Home. I really need to buy that book; I've borrowed it from the library too many times--it's constantly on reserve for someone. Another project I accomplished yesterday was painting brie boxes...yes, those round protectors of the cheese. I accumulated several of them before and during the Christmas holidays and just hated throwing them away. I stacked them up in a pantry cupboard, and while I was scanning labels yesterday, I decided to paint the boxes and affix the cute little button box labels to them.

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Vee said...

Yes, Blogger was having a bad day making it pretty miserable for everyone. Would love to see your painted brie boxes. I have an old cheese box somewhere now that I'm thinking about such things...hmmm

Catching Up

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