Hurrah for Friday!

A little copper nest hidden in the fern...a sign of Spring inside the house, anyway. The Snow Gods will be honoring us with a big visit throughout the day...schools have closed in anticipation. The library will surely be busy with people stocking up for the weekend.
My papier mache project is finished and here are the results...there are a dozen of these little (about 8 inch) guys around. One area of my kitchen was the "studio"...I'm sure I'll be finding glitter for months to come!


Janet said...

We always comfort ourselves by saying "it can't last long this time of year":) We are expecting massive rainstorms, maybe up to 5" and flooding. What is Mother Nature's problem...has somebody been trying to "fool" with her??


Unknown said...

These are beautiful papier mache bunnies. I know what you mean about finding glitter for months.

Blessings, Karen

Vee said...

Beautiful project! I wish that I could tolerate glitter messes...it's awful to get old and settle for glitterless anythings.

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