Are there sometimes words you find to be over-used, so much so that it irritates you to hear them? My current "warning words" include ~~superdelegate, king-maker, wind, cold, and icy.


LOL.. Great post...I know what you mean. The king-maker around here is a superdelegator an declared for the next few days we would have cold, wind and ice..
Haaaa...boy you made me chuckle with one - thanks!
kari and kijsa said…

Just stopping by to say hello...we discussed your question about bookcases yesterday!

Have a blessed day!

smiles, kari & kijsa
Vee said…
"King-maker" and "superdelegate" must be terms from the workplace. Haven't heard them! Oh dear! I've been under a rock.
Junie Moon said…
Yep, those are definitely irritating words right now.