Prairie Girl Soaps

Walk through the door of this little country shop and you'll instantly be enchanted by the wonderful aroma of many essential oils. If you've ever worked with the oils, you'll know what I mean...the combination of those scents is just the absolute best smell in the world. If only that fragrance could be captured! This is Prairie Girl Soaps (and more!). The owner is Marilyn Weigand. To quote her catalog: "When I was growing up, my mother and father were very interested in flowers, vegetable, and herb gardens. They were also very interested in the natural way of life, so you could say that I am walking in my parent's footsteps. The name Prairie Girl came about when a friend of mine liked my soaps so well, she said that 'they reminded her of days gone by, when life was simple, family was everything, and life was not so commercial.'"
Marilyn has a huge product line, and she's always experimenting with different ways to enhance Prairie Girl. The soaps are made with an awesome blend oils and butters, and the creamy bars are fragranced with pure essential oils. The soaps are air-dried for at least six weeks, which helps make a rich, gentle lasting bar of soap. The bars are all made and cut by hand, one batch at a time.
Due to many requests, Marilyn also makes a line of fragrance soaps...using the same natural oils and butters, but using fragrance oils such as vanilla, cherry blossom, jasmine, sandalwood, and bay rum.
There is a huge variety of body butters (shown above) made with shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, mango butter, apricot and sunflower oils, and vitamin E. The lavender body butter smells divine! I brought home a jar of Delightful Surprise---what a wonderful scent!
The blurry photo above is Rosemary Mint Foot Scrub...to help get ready for sandal season. Hand creams, both by the jar or in a roll-on solid form are available in the same fragrances as the soaps. One of her special items is "Arthur Friendly"~~a cream using 100% essential oils and spices that are said to be good for our little aches and pains. I'm trying that one, too! Also in the product line--100% Soy Candles and Diffuser Bottles and Reeds. My favorite scents in the candles...Cool Citrus Basil, Lavender & Herbs, and (remember the 60's) Patchouli.

Her website problem was way beyond what I could help with. Marilyn is in the process of setting up an Etsy Shop and blog...until then, reach her at prairiegirl@sbcglobal.net . The website (which seemed to keep looping around to customer sign in--very frustrating) is www.prairiegirlsoaps.com .

Essential oil soaps include:
Lavender, Lavender and Chamomile, Rosemary & Oatmeal, Tea Tree & Oatmeal, Tea Tree & Seaweed, Peppermint & Spearming with Apricot Meal, Rose Geranium, Kitchen & Garden (contains lemon grass, sweet orange and cedarwood--smells great), Patchouli, Ethan & Chase Hunter's Soap. Price: $3.50 / 4 oz. bar. Patchouli soap is $5.oo/4 oz. bar.

Soy Candles are priced at $5.00 / 8 oz. jar

Reed Diffusers are $12.00 each.

Certified Organic Dried Herbs, Essential and Fragrance Oils, Eye Masks, Hot & Cool Wraps, Fizzy Bath Bombs, Sugar Scrubs, Clay Masks, Body Powders, Lip Balms, and Sleepy Time Bears are also available.

Marilyn's products are wonderful. I've been purchasing soap from her for years and it is truly the best. Drop her an e-mail and try some out!


Vee said...

I'm having fun imagining the aromas...I haven't been able to smell anything for a week. I use my aromas on faith. LOL!

bj said...

yummy...these all sound luscious. Thanks for telling us about them..
hugs, bj

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