Vacation Eve

After work this afternoon, around 5ish, I will officially be on vacation for the week. While the call of sun and warmth sounds good--it's 8 degrees here, with a "feels like" temperature of 2 below zero--home is where I'll be. The weather is not supposed to dramatically improve this week, but I have everything I'll need to make it a pleasant week away from work.
I'll have to gaze at my basket of primroses and pretend it's Spring...I have a huge list of projects to either start or finish, a stack of books to read, and a pile of magazines to immerse myself in. The pantry is stocked and the house is pretty much in order, so PlumWater Cottage is now my vacation destination.


Anonymous said...

Happy Vacation Time, Teresa! So refreshing to see those primroses looking back at me this very chilly AM! Thanks for putting their "faces" on the blog! :^)
See you for Chapter 2 of Tudors next Friday nite.....BwR

Janet said...

I just love primroses...the colors are so friendly and I agonize over the selection of personalities. Yours are dreamy! You might not be surprised to find out that it takes me a very long time to pick out a couple of six packs of pansies too!

Enjoy the vacation.

Heidi said...



Vee said...

Hope that your vacation is sweet and restorative right there in your own sweet cottage. (I never can keep cyclamen going either.)

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