Springtime in Paris?

Today was one of those odd, too weird and warm days. 65 degrees on the 6th of January with warmer weather expected tomorrow. While I love the springlike temperatures, it just makes the next cold snap worse. It was a great day to survey the little back yard area. A little more weather like this and the tulips will be peeking out of the barrel, probably only to be nipped in the bud.
I stopped by Marshall's early in the afternoon to pick up a few plates I saw there before Christmas. I was hoping they would still be available. They were...I got 2 Staffordshire Toile plates and 2 bowls. In addition, I picked up some items for the guest room. It's a very small bedroom with exposed brick on one large wall. Right before Christmas I pulled up an iron daybed frame from the basement to put in there. The bed needs to be painted; the person I bought it from painted only the areas that were visible on the bed, so one side is red, the other side yellow. It needs to be black. Anyway...I thought a little French influence would look great in there. The Black Cat canvas and a framed print of the Eiffel Tower also found their way home with me from Marshall's.
French notecards in this cute little box are for the desk.
My plates...these are actually a picture of the salad plates (courtesy of EBay). My bargain dinner plates, in the same pattern were just $3.99 each. I love them!


Rosie's Whimsy said...

I am still a lover of toile....the plates are great :-)

Janet said...

I have four of that pattern in brown, also From the same fabulous source.

blessings said...

I'm in the Midwest also and boy, the snow just melted away and it feels like we should be taking walks and bike riding. I was so excited a couple weeks ago to find an old blue and white toile platter and serving dish at the Goodwill. It has a chip on the edge but I don't a bit. Blessings... Polly

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