A little Valentine's Decorating

I visited one of my favorite stores today. It is The Heart of Newburgh located a block from the Ohio River in Newburgh, Indiana. The last time I was there was in the fall...I took several pictures there and posted them here. The shop was almost free of Christmas decorations, and there were lots of really cute ideas for Valentine's Day and Easter...and lots of new items have arrived for the garden and outdoors.
I only purchased a few items...a wire card holder, and a heart from the Nicol Sayre collection. My other purchase was a Metro bag from Vera Bradley. It's a discontinued style and The Heart of Newburgh has all discontinued styles and patterns 30% off. The bag can hold my laptop, files, and books. In the next few days I need to get the rest of my Valentine decorations out and up, and I also have a few Valentine's crafts to finish.


Junie Moon said…
Your shopping treasures look great! I have a few Valentine decorations but not much and really need to think about adding a bit more.
Dena said…
What great finds! I really don't have any Valentine's decorations and I may need to fix that this year after looking at everybody's treasures!

Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness! I still don't have Christmas put away! lol! Can't wait to see your Valentine decorations. All the best to you for 2008! ~ ♥ Lynda
Unknown said…
I've never thought to decorate for Valentine's day...I can't wait to see what you do!
Unknown said…
I love the inspirational Valentine's decorations. You have given me some fresh ideas. thank you. Karen

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