Craving Spring

First of all, I apologize for the blurry picture. It can be seen in a much better format in Shades of Country by Chippy Irvine. While at work yesterday, I came across this book again. I've checked it out several times--enough that I should probably order it--and the book flipped open to this page...the simple beauty of an old set of stairs propped up against a back door just got to me. I want to do this as soon as weather permits...perhaps I should start looking for discarded wooden stairs somewhere. Not in the next few days though...the weather mavens are predicting the fabulous combo of rain/sleet/ice/snow for our area today and tomorrow. That's forced a cancellation of BUNCO this evening at one of the best cooks in the group's home. I guess it will be a quiet evening at home, looking at seed and garden catalogs, and wishing for Spring.


Janet said...

Love that dappled sunlight and of course the flowers. No spring here for many months, so I try not to think about it.


Vee said...

Such a romantic image...love it! Hang on now, we've got a ways to go until spring, but photos like that should be a big help.

Unknown said...

This photo blurry or not looks so inviting. I too am lost in wintery weather and long for Spring. I bought some daffodils and tulips at the market yesterday so I could pretend.

Herbgirl said...

Hi Teresa,

You have been tagged. Come over for a visit and see the rules then list seven things about yourself.

Anonymous said...

Oh me too! I want spring and that photo looks so pretty! We've got that nasty snow/sleet thing today except that it's been mostly snow. Definitely a good day to be inside. ~ Lynda xo

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