Nothing like a hot cup of coffee

We had a wild and weird weather day here yesterday; warmish, moderate temperatures until the big fast moving cold front blew through. Very, very windy...and the temperature dropped from 59 to 22 in a matter of minutes following our tornado warning/high wind event. After a little quality time in the stairwell (safe area) with co-workers, we resumed our evening of work at the library. With howling winds all night long, what did I look forward to? A steamy, hot cup of coffee in my favorite trigger handled Bennington mug. Wish I had a Luke's Diner to go to on my way to work this morning---guess I'll just have to settle for a delicious home brew.


Janet said…
Bet you didn't know that I was born in Bennington, Vt home of a giant obelisk/Bennington Battle Monument and more importantly Bennington Potters (with a great store in Burlington as well). That's my claim to fame and I am sticking to it :>)

Vee said…
After a day like that, I may have needed something more than coffee. ;>
Kathleen Grace said…
HI, I just found you through Sanctuary Arts at Home, beautiful blog. I'm adding you to my google reader, in other words, I'll be back:>)