Snow or No Snow?

It was my intention to upload some local snow scenes this morning, but unfortunately (fortunately?) there is very little snow to photograph. I had my boots pulled out, my snowshovel ready and brought the snowbrush in from the car (it never does me any good when there's lots of snow on the car and the snowbrush is on the floor of the backseat or in the trunk). I'm not a fan of snow, but when it's this close to Christmas and the slow crawl across the bottom of the tv screen during my personal Christmas movie festival cries out snow, blowing high winds, and ice, I just really expected to wake up to blizzard-like conditions. Instead, I'll brush the light dusting off my car windows and drive off to work on just another gloomy Sunday afternoon.


Janet said…
If it makes you feel any better, we got another 7" and now it is sleeting. We shoveled/snow blew (not a word, but you know what I mean) prior to the sleet. Now we can sit back and watch people freeze at Gillette Stadium, just 3 miles away, from our cozy Living Room. Let's hope that this is it for storms until after Christmas.
Unknown said…
I should send you some picks from here....we had like 4 inches and are getting more just outside of Chicago...The kids are thrilled, I am not....;)
Unknown said…
Well we just got another snow storm in Boston, but this one had icy glaze added to it. We have had several snowy days, but this one seems to have been a bit more blustery. Maybe I shouldn't have wished for a White Christmas. Karen
We have no snow here in NC.....I would love to see some for Christmas!
Kathy said…
Hi Teresa! It's a winter wonderland here in Vermont.......

Thanks for your recent visit to my blog and your comment. The big storm was followed by below zero wind chills and blowing snow. I was glad to be home making cookies instead of on the New York Thruway Sunday afternoon!

No question we will be having a white Christmas. Probably a white Easter too at this rate!