Monday, Monday

The gloom and rain continues--my question? Where was all of this rain last summer when my little tomato crop needed it? I'm grateful that we have rain instead of snow or ice, but this is supposed to continue for the remainder of the week.

Do you sometimes question yourself as to why you watch news on TV on a pretty regular basis? Lately it seems like there's little "good" news and a preponderance of bad to awful news. Maybe I should just be content and oblivious by hearing the rain and knowing it's raining, and tuning out the wickedness in the world.

On a more positive note--maybe--it's just 2 weeks 'til Christmas Eve. My daughter and I are venturing out Wednesday evening after work to finish our shopping for Gran and Gramps...everything else is wrapped and under the tree. That's a good feeling.


Junie Moon said…
I actually never watch the news on TV as it depresses me so. I get the important things I need to know from my husband or whatever pops up on my home page. Maybe I'm sticking my head in the sand but hour after hour of horrible things on TV does not make for a happy day.
Rosie's Whimsy said…
I'm with June, I never watch the news. I, on purpose, live a very isolated life. Life is simpler and more blissful that way :-)
I very rarely watch the news anymore. I get most of my news via the internet.

Anonymous said…
I don't watch the news anymore ... or read the newspaper. It's so easy to get caught up in the cycle of bad news and I think the media plays on our sentiments. On a different note, I love the little tree in the cup & saucer!! Have a great week! ~ Lynda xo
You're way ahead of me...I've not even begin the shopping yuk...I suppose I need to get a jump start here pretty quick. Love your's so sweet!
momma bear said…
I love reading your blog. It is always so interesting!

I watch the beginning of the news and the weather.
Cindy said…
I love the rain...can you send it to California? I love that little tree in the teacup! What a great idea. I have a set of those dishes too!