A few last minute winter crafts

Photos from bhg.com

I have found so many wonderful ideas on the Better Homes & Gardens website. Last night I was looking through the December issue of the magazine, and they have a few new patterns for tiny cottages. The two pictures above are from the website, and they include a PDF download with the patterns. Find them here.

These would be so cute all through the winter season interspersed with snowmen.


Abbie said...

Hi Teresa!
I think you were right about it being a Gail Wilson doll. That name sounds familiar. :) I absolutely love the little cottages! So cute and festive.. I'll have to go and check out the pattern. Thank you for the suggestion and I'm gonna link to you on my blog so I can come back and visit again!
Merry Christmas!

Steph said...

Thanks for the link to the pattern! I have just fallen in love with those little glitter houses and want to either make some or buy some!

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