Time to "catch" the turkey...

Thank goodness I don't have to chase a turkey (and do unkind things to it...like chopping off his head!!). I just have to fight the usual supermarket crowd and pick out an anonymous looking frozen bird and let it thaw. After the thaw, my turkey will be spending a day soaking in cider brining spices from Williams-Sonoma. This stuff has a wonderful aroma...smells like Thanksgiving!!


Dena said...

Oh that sounds good! I need to go hunt down my turkey today too...and maybe hit the mall for some of that William-Sonoma merinade :)


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I caught my Turkey yesterday! Yahooo.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Ok - I need to look before I post... I meant to say Yahoooooo!!!!!
and sign with the correct spelling of my name :-)

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture! Eeek, I really need to get moving on the food for Thanksgiving. I get so excited about fluffing my house I forget that people might expect something to eat! LOL!

I tagged you for a game, come check it out!


bj said...

Oh, that is one thing I am VERY thankful for...not having to chase and catch and kill a turkey. I tried, in vain, I might add...to help my MIL with her chickens and I just could not do it. I'd watch her wring their necks and couldn't eat chicken for a month!!
Happy day, bj

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for visiting Hedgerow Hollow and for helping to make my blogging anniversary so special! I've enjoyed my visit here and I'm so glad to "meet" you! ~ hugs, Lynda ♥

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