Needed: more greenery! My plan this morning is to go out with my cutters and take some cuttings from evergreens (next door...don't tell!!). My entryway needs a bit more green to layer at the base of my Santas and snowmen. Many more Santas need to come out and play...it's just finding the right place for them. It's finally a nice sunny (but cold) day here. Yesterday was just downright nasty with rain, gloom, and wind. The sun makes such a difference!

Just one more class to go for this semester--of course a paper is due on Monday--and there are no more weekly quizzes! A first for this semester. No reading assignment, either. Seems we just have to show up and turn in the paper. I'm really looking forward to the semester break, but even more...looking forward to graduation in May.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray that you are almost done with school! My husband has been in school a couple of times for different degrees during our marriage and it was quite an ordeal! I am glad he has his master's degree, but it didn't come without a lot of hard work and sacrifice!

Congrats, and happy decorating!

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