The fragrant indoor garden...

Photo from Whiteflower Farm

Today is a good day to start forcing bulbs for holiday bloom. Narcissus, or paperwhites are truly the easiest and quickest bulbs to force. They grow so fast and bloom so quickly...if only the scent was a bit better! I have groupings of bulbs in various containers; most of the bulbs are anchored by pea-gravel instead of soil. About every 2 weeks, I start a new container so there are continual blooms throughout the holiday season. I noticed several boxes (now reduced in price) at Sam's Club last week...a huge savings over the kits you can buy at Target from their Smith & Hawkin collection.


Kathy said…
Hi Teresa! I force bulbs every year. My favorite container is a blown glass red bowl. It will have to wait until the weekend to fill it though. Paperwhites smell so fragrant and have become part of my holiday tradition!

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