Waiting for

Some people have already received the long-awaited new issue of Victoria Magazine...I can't wait to receive mine. It has always held a special place in my heart...I received the premiere issue of the original Victoria while I was in the hospital delivering my first -only- child. The friend who brought the issue to me thought it would be something I'd enjoy. I always looked forward to the arrival of the newest issue and would savor it. I still have all of the issues...they've survived several moves since 1987, and even though they take up lots of room I can't bear parting with them.


Thanks for visiting my blog! It is nice to meet you...I have had a chance to look thru my Victoria and I think you will be very happy when your new issue arrives!
Come visit me again soon.
I haven't seen it yet, either.
I'm so excited its back!

A dear friend introduced me to it about 12 years ago. I was hooked.

We've been trading the old issues back and forth since it went out of circulation.

Kimberly :)
Hey Teresa! You won my giveaway! I have sent you an email!
Rosie's Whimsy said…
I am anxiously awaiting my copy, too. Just found your blog through Penny's Giveaway at Lavender Hill Studio......I will be back :-)
I still have all my old copies too! I hope Victoria never leaves again! Nice to meet you! Stop by sometime:-)
Sharon said…
I just found you and I enjoyed your blog. I did not receive Victoria through the mail but will pick one up at the store. Have always loved the book and so glad it is back again..........