Countdown to BUNCO...

The panic sets in...I have always chosen October as "my month" to host BUNCO. I do this partially because if my guests spot a cobweb or two I can sluff it off as Holiday Decorating. Another fine feature of hosting a party in October is that it gets dark early. By the time the guests arrive it really doesn't matter if the windows are sparkly clean. As much as I'd like to get all of the windows clean, I know it isn't possible to accomplish this in the time off I have between now and Wednesday evening. This is a working weekend, and a got-to-get-ready for a test on Monday weekend. The good news? I have my menu ready. That in itself is a major hurdle. My BUNCO mates are good cooks; everyone generally goes "all out" to provide a wonderful meal, from snacks to desserts. Other than a random holiday meal, it's my only real opportunity to entertain. I have my lists of "To Do's" I'm off to accomplish something today!


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