Saturday Errands

The bright spot of errand running happened here. I love shopping at Dick Blick! The handmade papers are beautiful, and even though I do not (and will not) "scrapbook"--only because I just don't have it in me--they certainly have the goods to tempt me. I found exactly the paper I wanted to use for the rose leaves.

I bought the floral wire at JoAnne Fabrics; they had a fabric covered wire that matched the leaf paper. Now I have everything I need to make the roses...

The purchase of a new wireless router wasn't nearly as successful. The in-store pickup at Circuit City was a breeze. It certainly beat standing around at Best Buy last week trying to buy the camera. I'm now boycotting Best Buy. The installation of the router went smoothly enough, but I could not for the life of me connect to the internet. After two hours of unsuccessful attempts, I gave up and went back to the old set-up. When it works, it's good...just not really reliable. Can't diagnose what the problem is.

Homework is finished...all 270 pages of reading and the list of poetry terms. Maybe the roses will get made tomorrow.

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