Magazines, Inspiration, & Weekend Plans

I love magazines. Always have, always will. Some of my very favorites are Country Home, Country Living, Cottage Living, Home Companion, Coastal Living, Veranda, Martha Stewart Living...I could go on and on. I'm especially looking forward to the return of Victoria in just a few months. These magazines are always chock full of wonderful ideas and inspirations. As I look around my house and the debris of "living" this week, I should be ashamed...if only I had a stylist to do my rooms...and a dumpster outside to get rid of the clutter!

Plans for the weekend: buy a new wireless router. The current one has started maybe working/maybe not. Very unreliable. I ordered one online from Circuit City and will be picking it up during late morning errand running. Also on the list...floral wire so I can start making paper roses. I am so excited about this project! I can't believe how lovely roses made from coffee filters are. Later in the afternoon, I plan on walking around the neighborhood and taking pictures. There are so many wonderful houses in the immediate area, and I just noticed a freshly painted Victorian on my roundabout way to work yesterday.

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