September always feels like the start of a new year.  New experiences, new outlook, and hopefully, "new" weather...crispy, perhaps!

I'm on week three of an online library class.  I need it to keep my librarian certification, since I don't have an MLS (I have a Masters in Public Service Administration).  This online class seems to have a lot of moving parts...lots to keep track of.  I think that I'd perfer an "in person" class, but it is cost prohibitive.  As it is, I pay for this class (and the four others I need to take) even though it is a requirement of my job.  What's the fun in that?

Other projects:

Art journaling.  I love the idea of it, get all of the "stuff" for it--and by that, I mean drag out all of my art supplies--and then I end up staring at a blank journal page.  Draw Your Day is a wonderful "you can do it!!" book.  Beautiful illustrations, and just enough push to get you started.

Other projects:
Pre-Halloween decorating
Playing with Vivian

Life is fairly smooth now (other than that pesky class!), so I'm grateful for that.

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