Wednesday before snow...

While I was sitting at home on holiday break, I kept thinking about wanting to get back into my routine.  Now that I'm in the midst of the routine, I just have to wonder why I was so out of sorts for the past two weeks.  I really should have called the break a 'practice for retirement', so that maybe I would have enjoyed it more.

Speaking of retirement, I received my first pension check yesterday, from a company I haven't worked for since 1984.  Pretty sweet.  There really wasn't much difference it taking it now or holding off for two more years, so I thought that I'd just enjoy that little monthly bonus. I'm thinking it will fund my three day workshop at Ephemera Paducah--TALISMANS WITH SUSAN LENART KAZMER. I can't wait!!
Workshop with Susan Lenart Kazmer at Ephemera Paducah in May

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