Things I do that make me crazy...

Bad habits...yeah, I've got lots of them.  Most of them I've learned to live with...I'm messy, unorganized, unable to complete a task straight through without straying off course, and one of my biggest faults...too many "hobbies."  In the past several years, I've tried to "specialize"...pick one or four things that I actually enjoy doing and leave the rest behind...then something pops up and I'm off to the races again, with a new and different--shall we say--interest.

Last year at this time, I was taking a sock knitting class.  I still have that same sock cuff on the needles.  I'd really like to finish a pair of socks, but working with those tiny needles and that thin yarn just takes So.Much.Time. One of these days...

Lonely little sock cuff

Alabama Chanin poncho, ballet/natural colorway

My other interest is nearly anything Alabama Chanin.  I've blog-stalked a few people, watching and admiring their progress on those wonderful hand-sewn creations, and even have made a few little items myself, such as the fingerless gloves and a book cover. Over the past several months, I've tried to "infect" a few friends and library program attendees with the AC bug.  We've had three or four AC-inspired classes...fabric flowers, gloves, samplers, and of course, the book covers.  I've almost finished a beautiful Magdalena stenciled poncho, ordered from the DIY School of Making.

I'm always bargaining with myself...if/then scenarios.  If I clean the kitchen, then I can sit and stitch. If I sort through the bookcase, then I can sit and read.  I'd like to be able to power through projects, but it seems like most things just make me tired.  No staying power!

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