Planning...doesn't always work

Trying to think of an ideal five days off...would they include:
  • lots of time spent in pajamas or yoga pants?
  • great "easy" food?
  • good books to read and explore?
  • knitting or some Alabama Chanin stitching? (yes...this!!)
  • playing with baby Vivian? (yes, this too!!)
  • Gilmore Girls!!
After tomorrow, I'm off through Monday.  Originally I was going to have guests (relatives) in town for several days, but too much fence-sitting on their part, and too much working right up to the holiday on my part led to an invitation "take-back".  Believe me, it did not sit well with those involved.  Live and learn, Teresa.  Live and learn.  Now I just want to spend a little time with friends for turkey day, and then shuffle off home and spend some time with the "nuclear" family...and veg out.

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