Rabbit, Rabbit and all of that!

One of my very most favorite months is October.  Fall is generally in full swing, and the vibrant autumnal colors are gorgeous.  Today has started off rainy/gloomy with big-time humidity hovering near.  Crisp air, where are you?

I had the past two days off, one regular day off and a vacation day, and managed to not get much of anything accomplished.  I did autumnize the mantel, and pull out some fall scented candles.  I worked a bit on some upcoming library "programs"...mixed media club things, but did not finish them.
We'll be doing some embroidery, some regular stitching, beading, and a few other handiwork things.  I always like to schedule something like this for the early part of the new year, to try and ease into simpler things.  SLOWING down...

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