High Anxiety

Voter Anxiety Treat Kit

I voted last Thursday at the library.  Huge lines were prevalent all week long.  I knew that I didn't want to wait until the actual election day to vote...I have to work until 6 that day, and who knows how early one would have to be to vote before work.  That said, the "big news" that seems to have hit every Friday regarding one or the other candidate arrived on schedule.  Wonder what "news" we'll hear about this coming Friday?  I decided long, long ago who I was supporting in this election. While the choices aren't even close to superb (and why is that, America??), surely anyone with any common sense can accertain who would be the most presidential.  #ImWithHer

Worry about this election has seeped into all parts of my life...at least when I'm home I can bury my nose in a book or binge watch something on Netflix.  No political ads there, thank God!  It's time to sniff the Bath & Body Stress Relief, steep a cup of Positive Energy tea, and think good thoughts.

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