Weekend Stuff and July Roundup

This summer is going by so quickly.  I can't say that I'm a fan of summer...the weather this time around is way too hot and sticky!  Since I'm a believer in climate change, I can only imagine that this will be the norm.

Our library's summer reading program comes to an end today, and school starts in just eight days.  Doesn't seem possible!

The highlight of the summer has been the birth of Vivian Rose.  Mother and daughter are doing well. She will be 3 weeks old tomorrow.

I had a short visit with my brother from the Phoenix area, and my parents.  All came to visit with the baby.  We're planning a longer get-together over Thanksgiving this year.

Other than that, July consisted of:

  • Free Art Friday...every week I would place three pieces of hand-made art somewhere around the area, then post about it on three social media accounts for the library.  It was fun, and people really seemed to enjoy it.
  • Mixed Media Club (also at the library) - Big Fun!  At the beginning of the month, we had a class on fingerless gloves, ala Alabama Chanin.  We're still working with donated t-shirts, and having a ball creating with them!  
  • Mixed Media last week consisted of making our own "Gelli"-type printing plates and carving rubber stamps from Pink Pearl erasers.  

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