...and the living is easy!  No, really.

So many changes are in store this summer.  Going to be a grandma soon, and I'm sure that will be a significant change.  Company coming, by way of Ohio and Arizona...great-grandparents and grand-uncle of baby Vivian Rose will be here shortly after her arrival.  In the meantime, I've been working on a little Alabama Chanin DIY for myself.

I finally decided to order this poncho when the 20% sale was announced.  Since it was an AC DIY project, it came with two of the same color layers--any colors, but two of the same.  I saw (and to be honest, "coveted") a beautiful example of this poncho on Patti Calande's blog, Gather & Make.
I wanted that same color way, so I was able to locate a beautiful cream-colored 100% cotton jersey at the local purveyor of gorgeous fabric, Let's Sew.  I could have ordered the natural cotton from Alabama Chanin, but they only sell full yard increments, and I needed just 1.5 yards...actually just a piece 22" x 54".  At $26.00/yard AC price, I really didn't want to be that spendy.  The Sea Island Pima cotton jersey from Let's Sew is just luxurious!  So soft, so drapy, and yes...expensive...but just a little less expensive than the AC cotton, plus I could buy the length I needed.
Yay! My package from Alabama Chanin arrived!
First stitches, after basting the two layers together.

Inspiration...from the Gather & Make blog
This is going to be the perfect neutral garment piece of clothing for keeping air-conditioning drafts away from me!

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Lynda said...

I can't wait to see your poncho. I'd love to make one but I just don't have the patience! Congrats on being a grandma!

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