Miscellaneous Monday

I got involved in a little cooking this weekend...Chicken Cordon Bleu casserole, courtesy of KnowKitchen.com.  The recipe is here.  Easy and delicious!

I also found a recipe on a fellow-Indianan's blog, The Cottage Nest.  I'm going to bake those delicious-looking cookies this afternoon when I go home.  Gooey Butter Cookies...perfect with tea!

This cooking and baking is a bit unusual for me...seems like I've either skipped meals, or have had Market Fresh sandwiches from Arby's for the majority of meals in March.  If I don't cook, I don't make a mess.  I certainly didn't need more messes to contend with!

I'm guessing that I must be hungry...all I can think about is food right now!  Guess I should head to the breakroom for lunch!


Jen Kershner said...

Oh good! Hopefully you like them as much as I did! Or maybe it's better if you don't!

Vee said...

Must grab that pin as we so enjoy Chicken Cordon Bleu around here. (Just found a comment left on my craft room of years ago so followed you here. Hope that all is well in your corner! )

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