No life-changing magic here {{yet}}

As much as I would love, love, love to have a nice tidy everything-in-its'-place abode, I'm still doing what I always do...flitting around from one thing to the next and not doing what is probably more important for my well-being.  Truly...I'm like a crow with shiny objects tempting me!

I've been working fairly regularly on a stitching project...a "my way" take on the Alabama Chanin DIY Magdalena Fitted Cardigan.  Instead of spending $298.00 on the ready to stitch cardigan, I'm doing it the hard-but-way-less-expensive way.  This is usually when I get into trouble...generally speaking, it would be more efficient to buy the ready to sew kit.  By the time I collect what I need, cut the stencils, stencil the fabric, I'm kind of "over" the whole project.  Not this time though!
Photo from Alabama Chanin Studio Style DIY

 I love the clothing on the Alabama Chanin website...I love everything about AC-style.  Hope I can pull this off!
Some of my stitching stuff...fabric paint, button & craft thread, embroidery floss.  Ready for the shirt as soon as I get that big stencil finished!

So, instead of organizing for the new year, I'm still jumping from project to project.  I don't even know why I think things will change!

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