Fun stuff!

I've just started reading this book (an advanced reader's copy), and it's so on target.  So many times we wish our lives away without doing anything remotely close to attaining our wishes and desires.  Life seems to fly by and, to quote the Dusty Springfield song, "wishin' and hopin, and planning and dreaming" don't seem to get the job done, although planning is key!

This weekend I'm doing something so very exciting!  I'm going to a weekend workshop in Paducah with a friend.  Nina Bagley is teaching her "All Wrapped Up" bracelet/necklace workshop at Ephemera Paducah.  I can't wait!  We're taking off Friday afternoon, and staying the weekend as the class is two days long.  Read about it here...


Timelesslady said…
You said it well...time for me today is flying by...there is so much to do, but I wanted to take a peek at some blogs too. I hope your bracelet/necklace turned out perfect.

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