Things I'm not good at...

Writing a grammatically correct sentence, for one.  I am always in the mood to do something new...try something, make something, whatever.  What I'm never (it seems) in the mood for is carry-through.  Ideas--yes.  Follow-through--not so much.

At the beginning of the year, I signed up for A Year of Painting.  Have I even bothered to watch the lessons and create art?  No.  The Documented Life Project?  I stopped documenting weeks ago.  Blogging?  We know how that one goes.  Very, very sporadically.  Plant care?  Awful.  It all looks good when I first plant things in the spring, but as the temperature goes up, I start to hibernate just like it's the dead of winter.

I finished up my planting (all container plants) yesterday afternoon just before the storm hit.  Nothing was damaged by the strong winds and heavy rain.  As I sat on the porch last night, sipping a glass of red wine, I vowed that I would take exceptionally good care of my plants this summer.  No.Matter.What.

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