What a difference a day makes...

By the time yesterday afternoon rolled around, I found that I had tamed the wild goings on in my head and had formulated a do-able program plan for September and October.  I guess that's part of my problem...I'm always thinking and planning ahead for my job, and feel like I'm skipping over the "now."  Take a deep breath and relax!
I found this cool little package of yarn at JoAnn's yesterday...100% cotton, thin yarn--rather like single strand embroidery floss.  Just looking at those cute little skeins makes me smile!  I was actually looking for a ribbon yarn I purchased several months ago, similar to ~~ and I say this not knowing what I'm talking about ~~ sari silk ribbon...only much less expensive!  I've come up with a really cute "treasure necklace" for a class and it hangs on sari silk.  No go, JoAnne's!  Instead, I went online and purchased it from a supplier on Etsy. 
This (above) is a sewing stiletto made from a turkey lacer.  I saw it on Pinterest (of course!!) and we talked about making them in the Dear Jane quilting class.  One of our members made us each one and presented them to us at the luncheon carry-in.  Super cute and handy too!  Can't wait until the turkey lacers are in stock at the supermarket for the coming holiday season.  

I'm looking forward to Monday's class...a mixed-media embroidered and beaded cuff.  We have a full house for this class and it should be really fun!

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