Sometimes I can hardly believe how long I've gone between posts.  A few years ago I seemed to document things more often...now it is very hit-or-miss.  The sad thing is that I enjoy flipping through old posts, looking at pictures, and remembering the fun (or stress) of it all.  Not much to flip through the past few years.

FOLK Magazine, one of my new favorites celebrated their 10,000 "likes" on Facebook by offering $10.00 subscriptions (good until midnight tonight).  Go to their  blog page and click through to order your subscription.  The current issue is the best so far...great recipes, a section of Matthew Mead ideas and recipes, and so much more!  Updated...$10.00 subscriptions continue through Sunday 10/7 at midnight!  Individual issues are priced at $6.95, so $10.00 for 6 issues is a true bargain!

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Vee said...

Sadly, I have decided in this recession not to have magazine subscriptions. I will visit the library or purchase a magazine that I am very, very interested in. That doesn't happen so much anymore with the glut of information available online.

Yes, I remember fondly the good old days of blogging when all my pals blogged every. single. day. I really liked it. =D

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