The weekend so far...

 Saturday was a 'dip your toes into Spring' kind of day...beautiful warm weather, sun-shiny skies, and fun things to do.  My friend Carol and I signed up for a wreath-making workshop about a month or so ago and have been anxiously awaiting the adventure.  We've heard about Timberview Farms and their workshops and open houses for years, but timing was never interferes sometimes.  The workshop in the basement of the log home was amazing...filled with dried flowers, antiques, wreaths, and other arrangements.  We each made a wreath, and it was done almost assembly-line fashion...but that's a good thing for me.  In less that two hours, we had finished our wreaths and shopped a bit.  I bought some reproduction flower frog mason jar lids and tuberose bulbs.  We did a quick tour of the greenhouse area and then headed to New Harmony.  The scenery yesterday was so breathtaking...dogwoods, redbuds, magnolias, lilacs (yes, lilacs!), and wisteria (!) were in bloom and looking out over the hills and valleys of southern Indiana we saw a riot of color.
 I don't think I've ever been to New Harmony on an "off" Saturday.  Usually there's a town or holiday event going on.  Pretty quiet around town yesterday.
 On our way back to Evansville, we stopped at Hillside Gardens...I've wanted to buy pansies for the last month or so...and they had a huge selection of color at Hillside.
The warm weather makes it so tempting to buy more plants and get the garden going.  I'm restraining myself, knowing that maybe we'll still have dogwood or blackberry winter.


Vee said…
It is tempting and I'm resisting myself. We're back to cool 30s and 40s after those 80s of last week. Reminds me of the movie Awakenings. < insert wry grin >

Is that your floral wreath? It is lovely!
Lynda said…
What an awesome wreath!! Great job.
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