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Photo:  Fresh Market website

 Last night after work I stopped by Sam's Club and then Fresh Market.  I quickly got what I needed at Sam's (a few magazines...Flea Market Style, Cottage Gardens, a bundle of romaine lettuce, and some Laughing Cow cheeses) and then proceeded to Fresh Market to pick up a quick meal instead of resorting to drive-through food or worse yet, cooking something when I got home.  Stopping at Fresh Market after 6PM is so different than stopping on a Friday or Saturday afternoon.  I wandered the aisles, not really knowing what I wanted but so sure I would find "it".   No crowds, just a quiet space to shop with soft classical music playing.  It was pure heaven!  I ran into an old friend from Newburgh...she had the same "glazed" look on her face as I did.  She said she had been wandering up and down the aisles for a while, just for sheer relaxation and entertainment.  We both agreed that FM is expensive, but all of the food is just so beautiful.  Feeding the mind, body, and spirit...next time I'm stressed, that's where I'm heading!
Photo:  Country Sampler

 Here's what we've been making in one of our library programs...paper mache bunnies!  We've scheduled three sessions to complete one of these cute figurines.  Thanks to the folks at Heart of Newburgh for letting me borrow all of those candy molds.  The ladies are having fun doing this, and we're all looking forward to next Monday's class where we'll prepare the figurines for painting.
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Lastly, this is a magazine page I've been carrying around for quite some time.  I have a yo-yo fascination and I love the way this bedspread looks...vintage-y pastels.  I've been making lots of yo-yos for a tabletopper I saw in the old Victoria magazine.  Doesn't this look like Spring?


Vee said...

That looks like such a wonderfully cozy, vintage bedroom. A few things give it away, of course. One would probably not have found the dressmaking form all decked out in a bedroom of old. I wish that we had such a place where I could wander and enjoy the fruits and vegetables with classic music playing. Sounds heavenly.

Janet said...

I agree with Vee, FM sounds delightful, we need some here in New England !

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