71 Days...the countdown begins

Woke up again this morning thinking "Spring"...the weather has been so nice for the past several days...so un-January like.  I know that there are 71 days until Spring...but looking out the window at that gorgeous sunshine makes me crave what I think Spring should be. 

 Photo:  via Miss Bee's Haven/Facebook

I saw this picture this morning on Facebook and absolutely fell in love with this boxcar/gypsy wagon.  Wouldn't it be great to step out into your backyard and have this?  What a nice little getaway!  Since the boxcar is wider than my backyard, I don't think it would work...and where would I find a boxcar to re-do?  It is charming though.
Photo:  Unknown source

Another bit of my Spring-thinking is garden related crafts for library programs.  Hypertufa, anyone?  I think we're going to be elbow-deep in Portland Cement, peat moss, and vermiculite. 


Vee said...

If you're really in the market for a boxcar, they are sold online! =) That is sweet...

Timelesslady said...

Love the boxcar...I pinned it. Thanks for posting it. My husband is also counting down the days. He says 64...64 days until the first dirt-track race of the season...Men! I like your sentiments for Spring better. :>)

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