Holiday Week Monday

via Channel House Tours

This is the beginning of a busy week...not busy at work, but busy at home.  Last Friday was the start of a vacation week.  I played around on Friday, got a haircut (and boy, did I get my money's worth on this one...a little too short!), and had lunch with a friend on Saturday, then went to the movies with Megan yesterday to see Breaking Dawn.  I'm not a fan of the vampire/werewolf genre...unless we trip back in time to Dark Shadows on tv...but since she wanted me to go, I did.  I guess what I don't like about the Twilight series is that everyone seems to be so tortured...way too much angst.

I'm looking forward to seeing the top of my dining room table by day's end...and maybe a little floor space surrounding the table.  It's a good day to clean...gloomy and rainy outside...time to make a pot of tea and get started.