Sunny Saturday

Today was the most perfect fall day...sunny, crisp, and beautiful.  After attending a morning meeting at the library, I drove to Newburgh to visit The Village Knitter.  Last week I peeked into their darkened display windows and spotted some chunky yarn I thought I needed.  Chunky yarn is not what I purchased though...I fell in love with the braided Madelinetosh Parchment Merino and had to have it.  I also needed some really small needles for it...size 2.  I started knitting as soon as I got home--I'm fond of wearing scarves indoors and out all winter long, so that's what I'm making.

It's been a busy weekend (I was also off yesterday)...I painted two walls in my living room, rearranged furniture, and worked on a few items for my long-bare Etsy shop. 


Vee said...

Is it soft and rich? It looks that way. I must visit a real yarn shop where they have such treasures!

From A Creative Heart said...

Love, love, love the yarn!!! You always inspire me with your projects. I had lost my way to the bloggy world lately, but I am working to come back and stay in touch...well, if that Pinterest doesn't hijack me!!! LOL
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Teresa said...

Vee--the yarn is so soft! I usually do my yarn buying at JoAnn Fabrics, so it's such a treat to go to a real yarn shop.

Debbie--I've just started blogging a bit more. Pinterest is such an addiction; I limit myself to about 5 minutes 2 or 3 times a day. You certainly pin some interesting recipes!

Lynda said...

Love that yarn! Can't wait to see what you have in the shop. See you Wednesday.

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