It's a chilly morning here...a killing frost is expected early tomorrow morning.  Lots to do to get ready for winter!  One of my priorities early this morning was to snip some hydrangea.  The colors are so pretty;  they are not the beautiful dark blues and lavenders of summer, but rich burgundies and greens to complement autumn.

I've been a hermit the past few months...staying inside, working on a few projects (I should say plans for projects), and feeling a bit isolated.  It was getting to the point where I could almost not see out of my left eye and the right one was following at a slower pace.  In 2007 I had cataract surgery on both eyes and in recent months they started clouding up.  Monday morning I had a YAG Capsulotomy on both eyes.  I can SEE again!  They computer type is crisp black instead of faded grey, and all is now well in my little world.  The downside---I see dirt, dust, and cobwebs everywhere! 

Lots to do today;  cleaning is definitely at the top of the list, followed by a little sewing on Megan's Halloween attire...she's going to be Rainbow Fish.  Lots of scales to sew!

New interests include art journaling; we're having a wonderful class at my library branch facilitated by Lynda Heines (edited to add the link to her blogpost about this class) Everyone is having a great time!

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Vee said...

Oh this was fascinating as I had no idea that anything further could be done to help once the cataract surgery was done. So glad that the world is clearer again even if you do see a few cobwebs. Some of them are truly beautiful.

Don't isolate now. I enjoy having you post!

Beautiful yellow bucket of hydrangeas...

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