I had high hopes of starting the new year with a blog post every day, with a brand spanking new picture to go along with the post. Seems that I've been in a bit of a tech nightmare at home; uncooperative wireless compounded with a laptop that may or may not be the actual culprit. I've put off trying to figure the whole mess out--seems like too much work at the end of the day. I was able to keep up on email via my iPhone, but I can only peck out so many letters before frustration sets in. As of this afternoon, all is well in the land of wireless.

So far, I'm not doing a good job of keeping up...which brings us around to my word for 2011:

fulfill - to develop the full potential of.  To bring to an end;  finish or complete, as a period of time.  To satisfy (obligations, requirements.  To carry out, or bring to realization as a prophecy or promise.

I am a listmaker...always have been, always will be.  Problem is, I make lists and don't fulfill them.  There are so many things I'd like to accomplish this year...projects, crafty things, reading and writing.  I just have to start...


Vee said...

It's not that you didn't start...it's that you were foiled. Again. Drat! Hope that the wireless gets straightened around and that you're back blogging or not as you wish not as the wireless allows.

From A Creative Heart said...

I have missed you Teresa...I am always inspired by the great things you find and share.

I too have been in a posting funk. I have been out of school since just before Christmas and go back on the 19th...I thought I would have so much time to post, updeat my blog and such...nada. So know that you aren't the only one struggling with this, but I am striving to do better.

Hugs to you!!!!

Heidi said...

I'm a list-maker, too! If I don't "get" to cross something off as finished I don't think I'd ever finish anything! LOL
Happy Wednesday! Hugs, Heidi

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