Happy Mother's Day...and Happy Birthday Megan!

Happy Mother's Day to all...and happy birthday to my daughter Megan--vacationing in Mexico this week!

Image:  Mary Cassatt~Young Mother Sewing


Strolling along the river...

This evening after work, I drove to Newburgh to walk with my friend Patty.  Newburgh has a new walking/biking trail that is right along the Ohio River.  We walked by where I used to live...at the corner of Plum & Water.  The only thing of mine that remains there is the Plum tree and some spring bulbs.  So sad that the house is gone--torn down to make room for new construction.  The view of the river was (and still is) breathtaking.
This little gypsy wagon sits in the side yard across the street from my dearly departed little cottage.  So cute!  Notice the barge on the river behind the wagon...


TGIM--Thank Goodness it's May!

Happy May! I've finally made it through the toughest ten weeks of school...weeks filled with hours of reading, research and writing...lots of writing and collaboration with schoolmates on projects and final assignments.  The final project was writing a grant--my partner and I wrote a grant that we actually will submit--most others wrote a "fantasy grant" to fulfull the requirements of the course.  Graduation is next weekend, but classes are over.  Now what will I do with a Master of Science, Public Service Administration?  Any ideas are welcome...
The house and garden have been neglected, so I hope to take those extra hours I have while not working to remedy that situation.  I purchased a few plants yesterday to join my seedlings outside. 

Time to get back to normal, whatever that is...

Happy Birthday Randy and Patty!