A Puttery Saturday

I've been relying on some of my favorite images I have tucked away in photo files. These three are all from Better Homes & Gardens. Other than the annoying pop-ups on their website, there are some really great ideas and recipes to be found there. I'm holding off on taking any more pictures of my holiday decorating until I'm finished.
I have no plans to leave the house today...there's dinner already in the crockpot, a pot of coffee ready, and a decorating strategy in place for this afternoon. My only need/desire today is a box of hyacinth bulbs. I've seen them on so many of the Swedish blogs and they look so pretty in their almost-ready-to-bloom state. Hyacinths have never struck me as a particularly Christmas-sy flower, but in that culture they are. All inclusive decorating...that's my style this year.

Have a fabulous Saturday!

Photos: www.bhg.com

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Beautiful photos!!

Have a nice day!


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