Inspiring books for Christmas decorating...

These books are among my favorites for Christmas decorating ideas and craftiness. Tricia Foley's White Christmas is at the top of the list for the beautiful simplicity presented in most of the ideas. I've had this one for years and have gleaned many ideas from it.
Sara Toliver and Jo Packham's Ruby & Begonia Christmas Style is another favorite. It's loaded with wonderful vignettes and display ideas.

Another Sara Toliver book, Vintage Christmas Crafts, is chock full of do-it-yourself projects and features the home of Curious Sofa's Debbie Dusenberry. It's a beautiful book.

Another inspiring book is this one from Country Living...Merry & Bright 301 Festive Ideas for Celebrating Christmas. I've adapted many ideas from this one...and hope to work on a few more today!
I plan on spending most of this week cleaning and organizing--and decorating. Company's coming for the Christmas holiday and I'd really like to have it all together this year. At any one time, there's always a 'bright spot' in the house, and I find that as I get older I can overlook a lot of things--this time I want to do it right.
I now have dozens of little cottages glued together and they're ready for glitter. Primitive, but kinda cute!

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Cottage Rose said...

Hi Teresa; I have the last book and really like it.. The other ones look really great... I love to buy Christmas idea books,,, Have a great Thanksgiving..


Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip on the great books. I love decorating and idea books and could spend a fortune on them. Your blog is so much fun and so full of beauty! Glad I found you. I'm finally back from my computer break down and will add you to the list of participants for the Dec. 5th blog party! I'm so happy that you will be attending.

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