Holiday Gift ideas

White Flower Farms is one of my favorite inspiration spots on the web. Their plants, flowers, and accessories are always stunning. The email from White Flower this morning featured jasmine and lavender...either live plants shipped for the holidays, or accessories. I was wowwed by the lavender offerings...wreaths, sachets, and a hanging liner for drawers or closets. Pretty images. I'm heading to the fabric store tomorrow for some organza to make some liners and sachets...thanks for the idea, White Flower!

Images from White Flower Farm, mosaic created by me

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Linda K. said...

One of my many passions, lavender! I have to visit White Flower Farms for some inspiration! Thank y ou so much for stopping by Robin's Egg Blue and entering the giveaway.
Many Blessings,

Dena said...

Oh there is nothing more lovely than a bundle of lavender! Thanks for the idea :)


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